If You Live in Maryland, This Company Will Pay Your Next Power Bill

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We all know solar panels can reduce your electricity bill, and they’re good for the planet. But let’s be real: Who has the money to afford them? 

A company called Arcadia Power lets you take advantage of solar energy — without any of the normal cost or headache of installation. Plus, it can help you save you money on your bill.

Arcadia partners with local solar farms to help Maryland residents offset part of their daily energy use. Here’s what all that jargon means for you: Part of your electricity bill will be replaced with cleaner, cheaper energy.

And the best part? You don’t have to switch utility companies to make this work. Arcadia works alongside your current provider. 

Plus, they’ll pay your electricity bill for an entire month, just for signing up. 

To get a free month of electricity and lower your bill, start by signing up here in just two minutes. Then you’ll connect your existing utility account. Don’t be afraid when they ask for a credit card number during the process. Arcadia is 100% free, but now you’ll just pay your power bill through them.

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