Here’s How Grow Your Money up to 11x Faster — Without Risking It in the Stock Market

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You’ve probably heard one of the best ways to grow your money is to stick it in the stock market and leave it there for, well, ever.

Maybe you’re just looking for a place to safely stash it away — but still earn money. Under your mattress or in a safe will get you nothing. And a typical savings account won’t do you much good (the FDIC reports that the average account earns just .09%).

But Aspiration lets you earn up to 10% cash back on your debit card spending and up to 11 times the average interest on the money you set aside to save.

How You Can Easily Land An Extra $416 in Your Account This Year

It sounds too good to be true, right? But here’s the hypothetical we ran:

Let’s say you spend $300 a month on groceries. You’ll potentially get up to $36 in cash back this year. Got a nice $2,000 in your savings? That’s $20 in interest with their current 1% APY if you leave your funds in the account all year.

Now consider the fact that the average American pays $360 a year in overdraft fees, according to the CFPB. That doesn’t even account for ATM network fees, monthly maintenance fees, minimum balance fees. Aspiration has none of the above.

Grand total for this year? $416 — just for switching to Aspiration.

Getting Started

Enter your email address here , and link your bank account to see how much extra cash you can get with your free Aspiration account.

And don’t worry. Your money is FDIC insured and under a military-grade encryption. That’s nerd talk for “this is totally safe.”

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